Outside Iron Maiden: Exclusive interview with Erwin Lucas.

As previously reported here in Iron Maiden Brasil News this month was released book "Outside Iron Maiden" from the Dutch writer and fan Erwin Lucas. For those who do not already know, the book is a real bible that brings a great detail all the bands and projects of which any member of Iron Maiden has passed. To speak a little more about this excellent guide, Erwin received the Iron Maiden Brasil team for an exclusive interview where he details more clearly the approach of the book and brings us some curiosities. Check out:

01. Hello Erwin. Well, first of all, in name of Iron Maiden Brasil News, I'd like to say that's a great honour having the chance of interviewing you. So, why did you have the idea of writing the book?

It started when Tattooed Millionaire by Bruce Dickinson came out. I collected Maiden stuff since 1986 and this was the first item I got “Outside Iron Maiden”. This became a important part of my collection, all the solo stuff and all the things (former) members did before, during or after their time in Iron Maiden. This is how I became some kind of expert on this subject and I got a lot of questions from other fans about these releases. Three years ago I decided to put it all on paper and that became this book eventually.

02. I can imagine that "outside Iron Maiden" is the only book in the world on this kind of format. Do you have any information about other one?

I don’t think there is another book about this specific subject. Of course there are the well-known books by Marco Gamba and Nicola Visintini “Maiden Companion” and “Live Collectables” but they are 95% about Iron Maiden releases and not about the “Outside Iron Maiden” releases

03. How long did it take you to complete the book?

I started about three years ago with writing all the stuff down I already knew and started researching. At the beginning of 2014 I started with transforming as this info into a book and my goal was to have it published in March 2015. It turned out I got it published in February this year by doing it all by myself, writing, publishing, marketing and selling it. Only the printing is done by a third party. That way I could be complete independent and keep the price fair as I don’t want fans to pay a lot of money for some guy behind a desk doing nothing.

04. How have been the sells and the public's acception?

It’s amazing to see all the reactions on my facebook page. To get this book out I contacted a lot of people with just an idea: “I want to write a book about this subject and if they would be interested in buying it” That way I sold 50 special limited edition hardcover versions to people who never even saw it or really knew what I was doing. They gave me the money and trusted me to make it worth it. Some guys even waited 4 months to get it in their mailbox after they paid!!! I really want to give a lot of credits to these people and they are also mentioned in the book. These first 50 sold out quick so I expanded the hardcover version with another 50 and sold those too before it even got printed. With the money I got I was able to get the 100 hardcovers printed together with 50 of the regular paperback version. These are the only ones I sell now, the hardcover versions are for the people who helped me getting this started and they never will be made again to keep it special. The paperback version is going pretty good so far. And I only hear good stories about it. Even ex-Iron Maiden members Bob Sawyer, Ron Matthews and Dennis Willcock are very enthusiastic about it.

05. The book show us some Dennis Willcock's words opening it. How did you contact him?

About 18 months ago I got in contact with Tony Miles who played guitar in Gibraltar with Dennis on vocals in the early eighties. He also was looking to get in touch with Dennis and a few months after we got in contact he mailed me that he ound Dennis and he even gave me an e-mail address. That’s how I got in contact with Dennis. Dennis and Tony got back together and are playing together again in GV1 with Steve Parsons (the brother of ex-Maiden guitarist Tony Parsons) on bass.

06. Basically...the book brings us a map...where we can see all bands and projects of all Iron Maiden members. Could you tell us some curiosities about them?

The book is full of strange projects and curiosities but a few stand out. For example I knew Dave Murray played in a band called The Secret after he left Iron Maiden in 1977. They made a demo called “Café De Dance” but it never got released. But in that same period they released a single called “The Young Ones”. I got in touch with the vocalist of The Secret, a guy called Mickey Modern. He confirmed to me that Dave played guitar on the single and on the b-side also but he never got credited because it was released just after Dave left. As you get the sleeve of this single you can see a picture of the bandmembers without Dave. But on the original picture Dave was on it standing on the side, they just cut him off the picture and released the single.

07. What was the most rare band or project you find out?

I have to say that it was Cockerel Chorus. They made a single in 1973 called “Nice One Cyril” about a soccerplayer of Tottenham Hotspur called Cyril Knowles. A young guy by the name of Michael Henry McBrain played drums on that single. We know him now as Nicko.

08. Do you know if some actual Iron Maiden member had seen the book?

Not that I know of. some former bandmembers have seen it and even bought it. Dennis Willcock got one of course because he wrote the foreword. But Bob Sawyer and Terry Wapram bought one. And I know Ron “Rebel” Matthews has seen it and Doug Sampson will get his hands on it soon.

09. Do you have plans of writing another book?

There are no concrete plans but it could be. I have spoken to some people about this and maybe in the future there will be more books. It could be me as author but it also could be that it gets published by me because I had to start my own publishing company to get this book out. The future will tell. And the story of “Outside Iron Maiden” isn’t finished. Architects Of Chaoz (with Paul Di’Anno) will bring out a new album in 2015. Blaze Bayley will do the same in 2016 and so the story continues. So a second book as a supplement is also a possibility.

10. Erwin, once more,thank you so much. Please, leave a message for us.

Thank you!! And a big thanks to everyone who bought the book or are going to buy the book. It’s still available at www.maidenholland.com or contact me at orders@maidenholland.com.

And I want to wish every Maiden fan in Brazil all the best and good health!! As I just heard the shocking news about Bruce Dickinson, good health is the best thing you cab wish for!!

Up The Irons!!!

Sobre Alexandre Temoteo

Alexandre Temoteo