Blaze Bayley: Confira imagens de Soundtracks Of My Life Platinum Edition

Veja abaixo imagens da nova coletânea do Blaze Bayley na sua edição mais completa.
Soundtracks Of My Life é a coletânea comemorativa de 30 anos de carreira de Blaze Bayley.

Fotos/Créditos: Ricardo Pacheco


1 Man Who Would Not Die

2 Ghost in the machine

3 Stare at the sun

4 Robot

5 Kill & Destroy

6 Silicon Messiah

7 The brave

8 The launch

9 King of Metal (Remixed by Rick Plester)

10 Rainbow fades to Black

11 Samurai

12 Blackmailer

13 Watching the night sky

14 Speed of light

15 Soundtrack of my life

16 Russian Holiday (acoustic feat. Thomas Zwijsen)

17 Clansman (acoustic feat. Thomas Zwijsen)

18 Voices from the past

19 Tenth dimension

20 Blood and belief

21 10 seconds

22 Leap of faith

23 Tough as steel (Blaze version)

24 Comfortable in darkness

25 Living someone elses life

26 The day i fell to earth

27 Motherfuckers R us

28 Wonderful life (Sinnergod feat. Blaze Bayley)

29 Hatred -- New song--

30 Eating children -- New song--

All songs have been remastered by Rick Plester.

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