[CURIOSIDADE] - Mission From "Arry

A faixa Mission Fron 'Arry faz parte dos bônus do album Powerslave.

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A faixa é nada mais do que uma discussão entre o baterista Nicko McBrain e Steve Harris (que é apelido é "Arry), mas é hilária. Ele foi secretamente gravada por Bruce Dickinson, após um dos shows na turnê do albúm Piece Of Mind.
Durante o show, Nicko estava tocando seu solo de bateria. Enquanto ele estava fazendo isso, Steve teve alguns problemas com seu baixo. Ele pedira para um dos roadies avisar a Nicko que ele deveria estender seu solo de bateria.
O roadie ( Rony) foi, mas ele não sabia como se comunicar adequadamente com Nicko enquanto ele estava tocando, Nicko ficou confuso e acabou desordenando seu solo. Nicko ficou irritado com Rony, e o socou depois do show. Steve não gostou disso, então uma discussão sobre a situação logo se formou. Quando se acalmou, Bruce entrou para perguntar o que aconteceu, e secretamente gravou tudo. No final, Steve olha para Bruce e diz as palavras imortais "some cunt's recording this".

Steve: ...anyways, he did not deserve to get a bollocking... ...at the time, I know why 
he got a bollocking, because you, you know, you dunno what the fuck he's goin' on
about, but he didn't really deserve it. All he's trying to do is relay a message from me to
you, right? And he went the wrong way about it, okay?
Nicko: Yeh, he did go the wrong way about it.
Steve: Well then.
Nicko: Well I'm, I, I, I, I tell you what, I mean it ain't gonna happen again.
Bruce: I don't see where you get steamed, I mean, if the truss was gonna...
Nicko: Why I got steamed up Bruce is because he fucked me right up. And I knew there
was a problem, I still didn't know what it was even after he...I, I fucked! I fucking fucked
Steve: I know that. Look, it's like...
Nicko: ...and I stopped, and it was like "oh, for fuck's sake!" Come on kids, and I'm
looking around... what is he trying to tell me? What's the problem?
Steve: Can't you understand? Can't you understand if I'm trying to get a fucking
message through to ya, right?...I'd have still...it'd a been a lot worse. If I, if I had to go
me gear done...as it happens, (snaps his fingers) just in the nick of the time I got it
done. If I...
Nicko: Yeah, I still didn't get the message.
Steve: I know you didn't. But what we're saying, it didn't... whatever happens if I got
him trying to get a fuckin' message to ya. Y'know what I mean?
Nicko: Sure Steve, but the fact is that the guy was not handling it the right way.
Steve: You don't think of things like that Nick.
Nicko: But that's diff... look...
Steve: I bollocked...I was shouting at ya, "look, my gear's gone down".
Nicko: It's me that fucked-up.
Steve: Listen...
Nicko: I'm the one out there all on me own...
Steve: I know.
Nicko: ...I'm doing a drum solo. And I've got fuckin' talkin' to...
Steve: No I'm the one, I'm only one 'a thinking, I've got fucking like a minute to go
before m..., to get this fucking gear right.
Bruce: Yeah, but if somebody gives a message to me...
Steve: No?
Bruce: ...I mean, it doesn't matter who it is, I mean, the message gets through.
Nicko: Bruce, it's different...
Steve: It's a different situation.
Nicko: ...it's different for you. You're not standing there all on your fucking own having a
somebody try to get your attention and talk to you. I'm playin' a drum solo, and the
guy's standing a yard, or two yards behind my drum riser goin'...
Steve: Yeah, all I'm trying a...
Nicko: ..."fucking anga-yangna-baba"..."wha?"..."BABA-BABA-BABA!"..."WHAAAA???..."
the fuck! Uhhhhh! By the time I've got that far, I'm fuckin totally fucked. Because I'm
p..., I'm not paying attention to my gig...
Steve: Hey, look...
Nicko: ...I'm paying attention to what he's trying to tell me.
Bruce: Yeah, but nobody woulda noticed.
Steve: I complete...
Nicko: I noticed!
Steve: I completely understand that.
Nicko: Fucked me right up.
Steve: But he, he was only doing what I told him to do, and that was get a message to
you. Now that the fucking heat of the moment and just, everything on hand... he don't
think to fucking tell Bill, he wants to get the message to you, not to fucking Bill, so he
don't think of that, he just tries to get the message to you, right? So, he don't fucking
deserve to get a bollocking for that, I mean, alright he got one I know... not sayin that.
But I just don't, you know...
Bruce: Attente! Attente!
Steve: ...Bob was a nice guy. He's not like he's, fuckin', he's an asshole...
Nicko: No, no...
Steve: ...or an idiot, or anything like that.
Nicko: Oh no, but he was out of order, because he didn'...
Bruce: He wasn't out of order.
Nicko: He was.
Steve: He wasn't out of order. he was wrong.
Nicko: He was, 'cause he fucked me up by tryin to tell me...
Steve: Nicko.
Nicko: If he'd of come up to the riser...
Steve: Nicko.
Nicko: Look...
Steve: Nicko.
Nicko: ...if he'd of come up to the riser there, I COULDA FUCKIN HEARD HIM!!!
Steve: But Nick...
Nicko: Cunt was standin' behind, I was sittin' down.
Steve: Yeah...
Nicko: ..."bada-bada-ba"
Steve: He was wrong. He made a mistake, but he wasn't out of order.
Bruce: It wasn't deliberate.
Steve: He made a mistake...
Nicko: Now, I know it ain't deliberate.
Steve: ...for fuck's sake.
Nicko: I didn't know that at the time, right? I still didn't know that Steve had a problem
with his bass...
Steve: That's what I'm saying.
Nicko: ...luckily enough, by the time I finished the poxy solo, he had his bass working
Steve: It was all that fucking grief...
Bruce: All it takes is the guy...
Nicko: The grief was, because I bollocked him up, and I happened to tell ya, and you go
"don't bollock him, go out and apologize," right. Fuck him, I'm gonna go and apologize to
Bruce: Well all you gotta do...
Nicko: It's not for me to apologize. I bollocked him 'cause he fucked me up. Right there,
he fucked me up. He was wrong.
Bruce: All you gotta do...no he wasn't wrong.
Nicko: He was.
Steve: He wasn't wrong.
Nicko: He did not handle it...he's not even fucking communicating, right?
Steve: Aw! I don' wanna fuckin argue about this, it's fucking stupid... I think you're really
out of order, I think...honestly.
Nicko: No bollocks! Oh I am not out of order.
Steve: You are. You're attitude is out of order.
Nicko: He...no it ain't.
Steve: It is.
Nicko: No it ain't. The guy fucked me up.
Steve: I know he did...
Nicko: Well then that's out of order...
Steve: ...He didn't mean to.
Nicko: LOOK, I'M NOT SAYIN HE FUCKIN' MEANT TO 'ARRY!!! The fact is that he was a
dumbkopf, 'cause he don't know how to fuckin communicate with me onstage...
Bruce: But he's not a dumbkopf.
Nicko: Aww!
Steve: He's not fuckin' stupid.
Nicko: Well, he fuckin' certainly did a good job out there this afternoon, didn't he?
Steve: He made a mistake, because I...
Nicko: What do you mean "He made a mistake"?
Steve: Because I...
Nicko: You sent him. How could he make a mistake?
Steve: That's right.
Nicko: How did he make a mistake?
Steve: Well, he made the mistake by not sending Bill first, right?
Nicko: Well, well he made a mistake, right?
Steve: Yeah.
Nicko: Well, why?...
Bruce: There's a difference between making a mistake...
Steve: Well that's what I'm saying.
Bruce: ...and a difference between making a human error...
Nicko: Right, so he made a mistake, right?
Steve: Yeah!
Nicko: And I'm griefed up cause he fuckin' made me make a mistake. Now that he... now
I can understand what he was talking about after the fact... it remains to be seen, he
was on a mission from you.
Steve: Aw, I'm not gonna argue about it.
Nicko: Right? Fuck my old boots, it just... I can't hack... I can't handle that situation
when people think some can't make me grief, and it's important to me to get a message
like that...fucking hell! How can I get some... get, get... when I also fucked as well... I
would'na minded if I'd have gotten what it was happening straight. Like, on the end "all
right, 'Arris got his bass fucked, right I'll carry on and do something else", then that's
fine, if I didn't fuck-up... but he made me fuck. It totally threw me right out, and he
Steve: I know it did.
Nicko: ...He didn't know how to talk to me about it. And, and I've, I've told him "don't do
that again."
Steve: Because, see, it's not, it's not, it's not fair relaying a message to people. He was
Nicko: And he never turned 'round.
Steve: ...look, it coulda been anybody. It was just that he was the first one on hand.
Nicko: 'Arry.
Steve: He was just standing there.
Nicko: He never turned around, he never even turned around afterwards and said "Listen,
did you?...I'm sorry, but you didn't understand what I was saying right?"
Steve: Well why should he?
Nicko: Well then, then, then because...
Steve: He got a fuckin' bollocking.
Nicko: ...He woulda stood up for himself because he knows he was gotten a bollocking
wrong, because he was on a mission from you.
Steve: He was probably...
Bruce: No.
Steve: He was probably fuckin upset...
Bruce: He's probably a bit upset.
Steve: ...because you gave him a fucking bollocking.
Nicko: Well, rightly.
Steve: You gave him up for...as far as he's con...
Bruce: No, not rightly.
Nicko: Rightly, yeah.
Steve: But no, it's not rightly.
Bruce: No!
Nicko: I told him "DON'T EVER DO THAT AGAIN!"
Steve: No.
Bruce: That's crazy.
Steve: But what?...
Bruce: What happens if the lighting truss is gonna fall down on your head? Does he
Nicko: Well then somebody drags me out of the fuckin' way, or else I'm dead, right?
Bruce: Yeah, but don't... I mean... you know.
Steve: I think your attitude is totally fucking out of order.
Nicko: No it ain't. No it ain't.
Steve: Yes it is.
Nicko: No it ain't. If I'd have known... now I'm the fuckin' cunt all of a sudden.
Steve: No, you're not the cunt.
Bruce: You're not a cunt.
Nicko: Because I told him he was out of order, and I didn't know he was on a mission
from you to tell me that his bass, your bass was FUCKED!
Steve: I know you didn't.
Bruce: All you've got to do Nicko, is just go to the guy and say...
Steve: You didn't know, and he didn't know, alright?
Bruce: "Sorry about, sorry about shouting. It was a misunderstanding. But in future, tell
Bill" that's all you gotta say.
Nicko: No. No.
Bruce: And that way, he's a fuckin' proud geezer...
Steve: What's, what's the matter with ya?
Bruce: He goes...
Nicko: Look...
Steve: 'Cause if this is some sorta pride thing or what?
Nicko: I bollocked him... no it ain't pride. It's, it's not fuckin' pride.
Steve: Well what's the matter with ya?
Bruce: It is pride.
Nicko: Oh bollocks!
Steve: What's the matter with ya?
Nicko: The guy was wrong to have been fuckin' there to do what he done.
Steve: I know. All I'm, all I'm gonna say is that when you're going up tomorrow...
Bruce: No it isn't wrong. What's he supposed to do? Turn around...
Steve: ...this is a different attitude, 'cause this is fucking stupid.
Nicko: I told him straight out not to do it again.
Bruce: What's he supposed to do? What's he?...
Nicko: I'm not gonna go out and apologize for saying that to him...
Bruce: He's NOT!
Nicko: ...He was outta fuckin' order.
Bruce: He's not out of order.
Bruce: what happens...
Nicko: Bruce.
Bruce: ...if I fucking go and tell somebody to do something, he goes "No, fuck off! I'm
not gonna do that."
Nicko: Listen, Bruce...
Bruce: Then he's out of order.
Nicko: Bruce...
Bruce: But he goes and tells him to go and do something...
Nicko: ...I'm not concerned with, with, with, with, with other people that can't fucking
talk to me on stage, who don't know how to fucking communicate with me...
Bruce: But he's not out of order trying to do it.
Nicko: ...He did not know how to communicate with me.
Steve: Some cunt's recording this

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