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Aproveitando a onda de "The Mandrake Project" do nosso querido vocalista Bruce Dickinson resolvemos postar uma lista de contribuições dele através do tempo, a lista contém todas as músicas ao qual Bruce contribuiu de alguma forma, participando ou mesmo compondo a musica integralmente.

A lista inclusive serve para os fãs que pouco conhecem a trajetória do mesmo, além de livros e documentários, você pode viajar por essas músicas e ver o quanto Bruce evoluiu como vocalista e compositor, dá uma conferida e adiciona mais essa curiosidade do universo Maiden em sua vida.

1978 - Dracula (Shots)

  1. Dracula

  2. Lone Wolf

1980 - Down The Road (Speed)

  1. Down The Road

  2. Man In The Streets

1979 - Survivors (Samson)

  1. It's Not as Easy as It Seems

  2. I Wish I Was the Saddle of a Schoolgirl's Bike

  3. Big Brother

  4. Tomorrow or Yesterday

  5. Six Foot Under

  6. Inside Out

  7. Wrong Side of Time

1980 - Head On (Samson)

  1. Hard Times

  2. Take It Like a Man

  3. Vice Versa

  4. Manwatcher

  5. Too Close to Rock

  6. Thunderburst (instrumental)

  7. Hammerhead

  8. Hunted

  9. Take Me to Your Leader

  10. Walking Out on You

  11. Angel with a Machine Gun

  12. Kingsway Jam

1981 - Shock Tactics (Samson)

  1. Riding with the Angels (Russ Ballard cover)

  2. Earth Mother

  3. Nice Girl

  4. Blood Lust

  5. Go to Hell

  6. Bright Lights

  7. Once Bitten

  8. Grime Crime

  9. Communion

  10. Little Big Man

  11. Pyramid to the Stars

  12. Losing My Grip

1982 - The Number Of The Beast (Iron Maiden, All sung bot non "officially" written by Bruce)

  1. Children Of The Damned

  2. The Prisoner

  3. Run To The Hills

  4. Gangland

1983 - Piece Of Mind (Iron Maiden, All sung and songs (co-)written by Bruce below)

  1. Revelations

  2. Flight Of Icarus

  3. Die With Your Boots On

  4. Sun And Steel

1984 - Powerslave (Iron Maiden, All sung and songs (co-)written by Bruce below)

  1. 2 Minutes To Midnight

  2. Flash Of The Blade

  3. Back In The Village

  4. Powerslave

1986 - Somewhere In Time (Iron Maiden, All sung and non written by Bruce except bonus track)

  1. Sherrif Of Huddersfield

1988 - Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son (Iron Maiden, All sung and songs (co-)written by Bruce below)

  1. Moonchild

  2. Can I Play With Madness

  3. The Evil That Men Do

  4. Only The Good Die Young

  5. Black Bart Blues

1989 - The Earthquake Album (Rock Aid Armenia)

  1. Smoke On The Water

1990 - Tattooed Millionaire

  1. Son Of A Gun

  2. Tattooed Millionaire

  3. Born In '58

  4. Hell On Weels

  5. Gypsy Road

  6. Dive! Dive! Dive!

  7. All The Young Dudes

  8. Lickin' The Gun

  9. Zulu Lulu

  10. No Lies

  11. Spirit Of Joy

  12. Riding with the Angels

  13. Bring Your Daughter... to the Slaughter

  14. Ballad of Mutt

  15. Winds Of Change

  16. Darkness Be My Friend

  17. Sin City

  18. Man Of Sorrows

1990 - No Prayer For The Dying (Iron Maiden, All sung and songs (co-)written by Bruce below)

  1. Tailgunner

  2. Holy Smoke

  3. Public Enema Number One

  4. Run SIlent Run Deep

  5. Hooks In You

  6. Bring Your Daughter... to the Slaughter

1992 - (I Want To Be) Elected (Ft. Mr Bean)

  1. (I Wan't To Be) Elected

1992 - Fear Of The Dark (Iron Maiden, All sung and songs (co-)written by Bruce below)

  1. Be Quick Or Be Dead

  2. Fear Is The Key

  3. Wasting Love

  4. Chains Of Misery

  5. Judas Be My Guide

  6. Nodding Donkey Blues

1993 - The Skin Album

  1. Elected

  2. The Breeding House

  3. No Way Out... To Be continued

  4. Winds Of Change (re-recorded)

  5. Spirit Of Joy (re-recorded)

  6. Elvis Has Left The Building

  7. Fire Child

1993 - The Keith Olson Sessions/ The Peter Gabriel Album

  1. Tibet

  2. Tears Of The Dragon (First Bit, Long Bit, Last Bit)

  3. Cadillac Gas Mask

  4. No Way Out... Continued

  5. Over And Out

  6. Man Of Sorrows (Unreleased)

  7. Thank Heaven (Unreleased)

  8. Original Sin (Unreleased)

1994 - Nativity In Black (A Tribute To Black Sabbath)

  1. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

1994 - Balls To Picasso (Bruce regrets not calling it Laughing In The Hiding Bush)

  1. Cyclops

  2. Hell No

  3. Gods Of War

  4. 1000 Points Of Light

  5. Laughing In The Hiding Bush

  6. Change Of Heart

  7. Shoot All The Clowns

  8. Fire

  9. Sacred Cowboys

  10. Tears Of The Dragon

  11. Tears of the Dragon (Acoustic Chillout)

  12. Shoot All the Clowns (12" Extended Remix)

  13. Shoot All the Clowns (7" Remix)

  14. The Post Alternative Seattle Fall Out (Made with skunkworks line-up and sounds like Skunkworks)

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