[ METAL HALL OF FAME 2021 ] - Blaze, Paul Dianno e Derek Riggs são nomeados.

 Segundo o perfil oficial do Blaze Bayley no Instagram ( @blazebayley ) , tanto ele quando, Paul Dianno e até mesmo Derek Riggs foram nomeados/introduzidos para o Metal Hall Of Fame 2021, por serem considerados membros chave da história do Iron Maiden. 

Paul Dianno por ter gravado os dois primeiros álbuns e escrito várias músicas.

Blaze Bayley por ter gravado dois álbuns e também escrito músicas.

Derek Riggs pela criação e concepção do mascote mais famoso do mundo do Rock/Metal: Eddie.

Confira abaixo a íntegra do anúncio em inglês.

Former Iron Maiden Paul Di'anno, Blaze Bayley & Eddie Creator To Be Inducted In Metal Hall Of Fame 2021

Clifton, NJ, April 28, 2021 – The Metal Hall of Fame is proud to announce the induction of key members of the Iron Maiden family and history; Original Iron Maiden singer Paul Di'Anno, Blaze Bayley, and Iconic "Eddie" Mascot creator Derek Riggs.

Paul Di'Anno wrote and sang on Maiden's first two legendary albums. They are still considered by many Maiden fans to be their favorites.

Blaze Bayley was hired following the departure of Maiden Vocalist Bruce Dickinson in the 1990's. Bayley wrote and sang for Iron Maiden for 5 years, and recorded two albums with the band. Blaze era songs are still concert staples in the bands set list today.

Derick Riggs is the genius behind the visual side of Iron Maiden. He created the Iconic "Eddie" character, one of the most beloved mascots in history. Many can argue that a huge part of the band's continuous global success is attributed to the sinister, gruesome, shape-shifting Eddie.

"We are excited to induct these three artists who have helped shape the legacy of Iron Maiden," says Pat Gesualdo, Metal Hall of Fame President/CEO. Gesualdo also addressed the fan's overwhelming demand to induct all former and current members of Iron Maiden. "Along with the band's massive fanbase, we've wanted to Induct all the members of the band for years. However, we've been waiting for the green light from management. Hopefully with the continued support and encouragement from fans throughout the world, we can induct all the members of Iron Maiden into the Metal Hall of Fame soon."

Additional major updates and surprise Inductions will be announced shortly. Due to the current health advisory, the 2021 Metal Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony will be held in the future.



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