BLAZE BAYLEY: Letras de The King Of Metal 2012

Para quem ainda não comprou (compre aqui) mas já está curtindo e muito o novo álbum do Messiah, segue abaixo as letras das músicas. Como já é tradicional os temas envolvendo superação e força de vontade são a tônica das letras. Diga nos comentários qual a sua música predileta.

1. The King Of Metal
trample the weak
run from the strong
smile as they laugh at my song
Sociopathic thieves no sentiment or conscience
it isn't personal it's business with a vengeance
describing my life as an inferior a tax loss
and they are stealing everything you try to give me.
You are The King
have no respect
bastards that don't know a thing
They want me looking like model that's a smack head
not really caring O.D. vomit or a shotgun
it's a fact that sales always increase after death
for parasitical self righteous business rodents
but you are The King
of Metal

2. Dimebag
I feel a diamond shine
somewhere in my mind
when I hear the sound shine
The 8th of Becember in 2004
the wicked tragedy and horror that would shock us all
there was a diamond shining
shining so bright out there
a bright and shining star of Texas
shining everywhere
Silent insane and evil
thoughts stolen from his mind
he has come to destroy Dimebag where he plays and shines
the Alrosa villa
Columbus Ohio
Damageplan are rocking out doing there metal show
up to the stage he's walking
the gun is in his hand
he starts shooting and wont stop until he's taken down
from behind the madman
a single shot gun blast
ends the madness but the horror of that night still lasts
Dimebag is shot four times
and three more lost their lives
and seven wounded by the evil
in that twisted mind
Fifteen shots are fired
thirty five to go
the courage and the carnage
of that night in Ohio
We are broken now
we are broken down
though you died
you will always be alive here in me
though you died
i feel a diamond shine
some where in my mind
when I hear the sound shine

3. Black Country
Back from Vilnius and back from Rome
back from Z7 my second home
back from Yukon and De Rots
Back from Brazil but the boys are gone
smell of burning metal I know so well
pipes of Paul are loud as hell
riding hard and riding long
to get back where I feel strong
I'm back in the Black Country
 Sometimes when you're desperate, you can push too hard
you can keep on pushing until it all falls apart
you see your dream is dying it can break your metal heart
the father of the unborn girl was dead
Back to work in the factory
might break my back but it won't break me
got to pay for flights that I did not take
to a place I've never been again
smell of burning metal I know so well
pipes of Paul are loud as hell
riding hard and riding long
to get back where I feel strong
I'm back in the Black Country
Sometimes when you're desperate, you can push too hard
you can keep on pushing until it all falls apart
you see your dream is dying it can break your metal heart
the father of the unborn girl was dead
but they brought him back to life again in the Black Country
in the Black Country
I'm back in the Black Country

4. The Rainbow Fades To Black
Gather the light
blinded by their lies you'll see again
it's never the end
time to begin
find the power that is deep within
your heart of steel
Do you believe
they will share with you a pot of gold
it's just a control
they cannot rule
if you do not hunger for those things
that you don't need
They will tell us what we need to make us hunger for their lies
So we think we have to eat their shit and live without our pride
The words and pictures that define me as a man are in my mind
no one but me can give away the freedom that I've earned it's mine
Without pain
There can be no strength no way to grow
No way to own your own soul
Then the rainbow fades to black
and it's never coming back
the rainbow fades to black

5. Fate
I don't believe in a fate
that I can't escape
I know my future is what
I work to create
you think that you can't change a thing in your life
is that what they made you think is true
you let them decide how and when you will die
and that's what will become true for you
Twist your fate
I will give everything now
and I will not wait
I will not make an excuse
to avoid the pain
your will and your courage are all that you need
to start living the life that you want
How much do you want it, how much do you need it,
how important is it to you
Twist your fate

6. One More Step
I'm standing up and going past the point
that I thought was the furthest I could go
you never know how tough you are
until your life is hard and that is when you know
that is when you know that there are some things that you fight for
and some things you leave behind
life will hit you hard and knock down and keep you there
all that you can do is
Just take one more step
I'm screaming in my head
Just take one more step
I tried to avoid falling down
A broken hearted man I fell down any way
That is when I learned it's not the falling down that counts
what counts is getting up again.
When you get up it might seem like a thousand steps to take
will impossible
Just focus on this single step forget about the rest of them
all that you do is
Just take one more step
I'm screaming in my head
Just take one more step
Don't count me out because I'm down and you see me on the floor
I've been here before
It's do or do not do or die I've got to get back home to you
Thats all I want to do
Sometimes my emotions get the best of me
and then I feel just like I can't go on
But not I'm dead until I'm dead and I am screaming in my head
Pick yourself back up again
and just take one more step

7. Fighter
I'm here to fight for my life
For my beliefs fight for my truth
Get up again after each fall
I won't surrender I won't give in
Going through hell keep going on
Keep moving forward to find my home
Each single day I will push on
I won't let this break me no turning back.
Don't need to eat don't need to sleep
I won't back down I won't retreat
This day is mine, and I won't be bullied or beaten,
Say what you want I won't change my mind
I've paid my dues this is my right
It was mine once now here I am to take it back.
Say to yourself
You are a fighter
Fighting on and on against all the odds
Standing on your own against the world
You are a fighter
Fighting for your life
Never giving in
Whatever it takes you must survive.
Get up
Get up one more time
Get up just one more time than you fall
They think you can't win
They are not perfect and they are not God
Try to believe that you can survive this
Want it as much as you want to breath
Defy everyone who writes you off
Say to yourself I am a fighter
and get up on more time.

8. Judge Me
I've made some bad choices I have failed more than once
I have taken chances even when they did not come
I was here at the beginning I will be here at the end
when I got strong I got lucky till my strength ran out again.
with your values of fear and deceit
your self important impotent way of life decrees
that every one should worship you
down on bended knees
I have risen up from the ashes of my own defeat
my family my friends and my fans were calling me
It seemed like a voice from a half remembered forgotten dream
I thought it was over, but over's not what it seems
Your hedonistic head on a stick
is what I would pay real money to see on live TV
With some friends from Texas would laugh with me
at you the pale and impaled
You haven't faced what I've faced
You haven't fought what I've fought
You haven't been on the floor
and tried to come back for more
You haven't lost what I've lost
You haven't won what I've won
You haven't been where I've been
You haven't done what I've done
unless you lived how I lived
unless you did what I did
you think you know who I am
just by looking at me
You judge me

9. Difficult
It's madness to continue thats what they're telling you
because they want it easy this thing that they can't do
That don't mean you can't do it coz it's too tough for them
It's difficult not easy beginning at the end
You have your doubts your fears you don't know what to do
The only thing that's easy is to feel confused
in all of this confusion try to find your own voice
It's somewhere deep within you saying you have a choice
It's time to let yourself believe
This life is yours
I lost my way I admit that
I thought the path was clear but now I see it was clearly the wrong path for me
I could not face or see the truth
so I planned the end of the end
No one can blame you if you've had those same thoughts too
Just give me this song to say
I've found reason a way to want to live again
As arrogant as it sounds you know me and I have to say
If life changed for me then life might change for you
When you don't feel any closer to where you want to be
I know that it is difficult if you believe
this life is your life for you to live and make your own
It's time to let yourself believe this life is yours

10. Beginning
This is the beginning
don't wake up, just listen
Be here in this moment with me
This is the beginning you seek
This is moment we spoke of
The moment where you would begin
Why have you been smothered and suffocated
by black emotions of this nightmare sea
sea of doubt storm of self pity
The darkness makes you think you're blind
Thinking that you're blind, you can't see the truth
That you're not blind only smothered and lost
You can't walk you can't speak. This situation
is not without choice, you can choose to know this
darkness can't hold you
darkness can't kill you,
If you don't allow this darkness to exist

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